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Copyright and Usage Information

These pages are intended to be an on-line music library of older songs for personal, scholarly, and academic purposes. Where possible, the copyright information is in the melody and author lines of the lyric in question.

There has been some confusion about public domain. The melodies indeed are from the public domain. However, the ARRANGEMENTS of those melodies most certainly are not. The copyright belongs to the sequencer. In many cases, the sequencer is listed with the lyric. For those that do not have a sequencer listed, this simply means I have not gotten to this particular file yet, or the sequencer is unknown. Make no mistake, using the music for commercia l purposes is illegal. I have secured permission to use the midi files in this archive. If you wish to use the midis in your web page, or for some other reason, I can only point you to the sequencer and you can take it from there.

Under fair-use clauses, you may download information provided that it is used for non-commercial purposes. To the best of my knowledge, all the lyrics of this site are either in the public domain or have been offered for non-commercial use on the Internet.

If a copyrighted lyric or melody is being used, and I have missed an acknowledgment, please let me know so that I can remove it from the archive or seek permission for inclusion. There are far too many submissions from readers with incomplete information, so it takes time for all the pieces to be in place.

This site is supported by me, myself, and I. No funds have been used from any of the organizations or links that appear within this site. I alone am responsible for the content, mistakes, etc.

Below are the addresses and websites of many fine midi sequencers. Please note that even though I receive permission to use their work, I do not use all the material from their site. This is to encourage you to surf to their site for further enjoyment. I highly recommend sending them an e-mail if you found their music enjoyable. It takes many hours of work to create these beautiful pieces, and a word of encouragement is always appreciated.

Additional Copyright Notices from

Lutheran Hymns:
This midi is part of the collection of Richard Jordan, and is copyright © 1997, Pastor Richard Jordan, and is for personal enjoyment (and inspiration) only. It may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may it be included on CDrom collections, or any archives without the express written permission. If you wish to contact him for usage, Richard Jordan will be happy to answer your questions.

Werner Tomaschewski
Die MIDIs sind für den privaten Gebrauch erstellt und dürfen nicht für kommerzielle Zwecke benutzt werden. Great midis that are melodious but not overblown. His pages can be found at: The Music and Life of Stephen Foster. You can write him in English.

Ron Clarke
Please send Ron an e-mail if you wish to use his fine MIDI sequences. You can reach him at: Ron Clarke

Iwe van der Beek, Magellan Singers
The music files are free to copy. Please contact Secretary: Iwe van der Beek for further information about their shanty songbook. They have numerous music scores available.

Barry Taylor
If you do nothing else, send him an e-mail thanking him for his great work. He no longer maintains his own pages, but has parked his material at Lesley Nelson's Folk Music Site.

Benjamin Robert Tubb
All MIDI sequence arrangements are Copyrighted ©1998, 1999 by Benjamin Robert Tubb and are allowed for personal non-commercial use only. For any other use, please contact him at Benjamin R. Tubb. You can also visit his wonderful website at: Benjamin R. Tubb homepage His site contains an extraordinary depth and breadth of early American music.

Lesley Nelson
For instruction on the use of Lesley's fine sequences, please read her terms of use. Make sure you surf to this fantastic page Lesley Nelson's Folk Music Site.

Randy Ralph
All files are copyrighted. Permission is given for personal use and personal entertainment only. These files may not be reproduced or distributed in this or any other format. All uses other than for personal entertainment, including any use for educational purposes, requires licensure. Email all requests to: or: Hi s homepage is at: NetStrider Music Files.

John Renfro Davis and Brian Hicks
The site is temporarily off-line. John R. Davis would love to hear from you if you found his music helpful.

Helmut Uthof
All sequences are for personal enjoyment only. However, he is more than happy to hear from other sea lovers. He is German so please use the Queen's English and no slang. You can find him at: Shanty Chor Ippinghausen. They have a great shanty CD for sale.

Søren Videbæk Nielsen
Søren Videbæk Nielsen's homepage of traditional music.

Franz Töscher
Fine site of MIDIs. Site is mostly in German.

Jim Sheldon
If you desire to use his sequences, please write him at Jim Sheldon.

Don Ferguson (Mr. Banjo)
200+ popular songs with midis, lyrics/chords from the period 1890-1930 Tin Pan Alley Favorites
Feel free to use any of the songs/lyrics on your website. All I ask is that each song you use be credited to me at my website address: . I am sure you can appreciate the amount of time that has been taken to develop this site and bring an almost forgotten musical era to the internet for all to enjoy. Freely given to the world to enjoy the music of a simpler time.
Don Ferguson (Mr. Banjo)

Ecole speciale Militaire de St-Cyr
Ecole speciale Militaire de St-Cyr, or the French equivalent of Sandhurst or West Point.

Joseph Guix
Great page of French lyrics and song. Especially good if you are trying to learn French. The selection of songs is very good.LA PAGE DES CHANSONS POPULAIRES FRANÇAISES.

A wonderful site dedicated to music. Her midis are quite good. You can find her page at: MIDI Music Sing Along Songbook. Visitors may download any individual MIDI file for personal listening/singing pleasure or educational purposes only. Professional or for-profit use is prohibited. For permission, e-mail her at: Jill.

Richard Aguilar
German Volkslieder. Also is a great resource for those wishing to speak German and/or Spanish. Many on-line sources for all your needs, be they musical or if you wish to learn new languages. Highly recommended.

Bill Egan
A good resource for a fine collection of Christmas midis.

Neil Hever
A good resource for WWII mountain troop songs.