No. 1 Platoon

Melody -

Northern Irish folk song

I'll remember, I'll try, it was nearly July,
As we walked down the road, I remember the year,
There was me there was Sam, Jimmy Sloan and McCann,
Would enlist in the Volunteers.
And the man says to me, Boy I hope you will see,
And remember this day, All the things you've been taught,
It could be now and then, That we will fight once again,
For the things that our grandfathers fought.
And I swore like the rest, To the badge on my breast,
To the gun in my hands, I will fight for my land,
With my hand held high, I took that vow,
And I joined number one platoon.

2. Then deep down inside, my heart fills with pride,
I remember the men, who have fought through the years,
I could name quite a few, But to me and to you,
They were Ulster Volunteers.
Refrain (x2):