An Advice to Orangemen

Melody - "The rejected Mason", traditional air

All ye who Orange colors wear,
And wish to be instructed,
Go place the Bible in the chair,
And by it be conducted;
For if Jehovah's voice ye hear,
And are by Him directed,
Your enemies ye need not fear,
For ye will be protected.

2. Search through that volume and behold.
How His Almighty arm
Preserved the Israelites of old,
And kept them free from harm;
He sent them Moses for their guide,
And fully him instructed.
How Israel through the raging tide
By Him should be conducted.

3. Next Joshua was forward sent
Fair Canaan to discover,
Across the Jordan first he went
And brought all Israel over;
The heathen fast before them flew,
Convulsed with fear and wonder,
For He who saved His chosen few,
Oft spoke in tones of thunder.

4. While Israel to the law gave heed,
And on it meditated
Peace, wealth, and honor was their meed,
And Kings their hearts elated:
But turning to idolatry,
They met with desolation,
A high decree caus'd them to be
Dispersed through every nation.

5. But still the Lord, in darkest age,
Had many true believers,
Who loved to read His holy page,
In spite of all deceivers;
When guilty Rome would to the tomb
Consign His revelation,
A chosen few were still found true
In every Christian nation.

6. Now since from superstition's sway
The present generation
As yet is saved let us today
make steady preparation
At heaven's command to keep our land
From heathen's pollution,
From foreign yoke, and fatal stroke
Of Popish revolution.


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