The Maid with the Bonny Brown Hair

Melody -

As once I roved out very early
To view the green meadows in Spring
It was down by the side of a river
I heard a fair damsel did sing
And I stood in completest amazement
I gazed on that maiden so fair
She appeared to me brighter than Venus
That maid with the bonny brown hair.

2. Her eyes they did shine like the diamonds
Her cheeks like the red rose in June,
Her skin was as white as the lily,
And her breath had the rarest perfume;
And a dress of the best speckled velvet
This charming wee lass she did wear,
And chains of bright gold and pure silver
Were twined in her bonny brown hair.

3. For a long while we courted together,
Till at last we named the wedding day
And one day while conversing together
Very kindly to me she did say:
"O, it's I have another far kinder
My land and my fortune to share,
So farewell to you now, and forever,"
Said the maid with the bonny brown hair.

4. And once I went over the ocean,
Being bound for the proud land of Spain,
Some singing and dancing for pleasure,
But I had a heart full of pain;
And as the ship sailed down the river
I espied my old sweetheart so fair,
Quite content in the arms of another
Was the maid with the bonny brown hair.

5. So farewell to my friends and relations,
Perchance I shall see you no more,
And when I'm in far distant nations
Sure I'll sigh for my dear native shore;
When I'm in some far distant nation
My land and my fortune to share
I hope I'll get someone more kinder
Than the maid with the bonny brown hair.