The Battle of the Diamond

Melody - "Not a drum was heard"

It was not in faction, it was not in hate,
That we men of the north assembled;
It was that our own and our children's fate
In the balance no longer trembled.

2. For there came - 'twas at night, - a lawless band,
Their ranks like a torrent swelling;
With the weapon of slaughter in each man's hand,
Where we in our homes were dwelling.

3. Darkly they came, in the dead of night,
They gave no word of warning;
And they laugh'd at the blaze their brands should light,
And the smoke that should greet the morning.

4. They paus'd - did they fear the storm they'd woke
That they faltered as forth we sailed?
For we saw when the light of the morning broke
On the Diamond Hill they'd rallied.

5. What though they were many, and we but few,
Yet each to the conflict hasted;
And the shot was sharp and the aim was true.
While that fearful struggle lasted.

6. Yet last it did - aye, many a day!
But the shield of our God was o'er us;
Till at last, like a quarry long held at bay,
We drove them like chaff before us.

7. Then blame us not when all was o'er
And we look'd on the dead around us;
If then, and forever, an oath we swore
To be found as that day had found us.

8. Stern and steadfast and linked as one,
On God and ourselves relying;
Seeking quarrel of feud with none,
But all on our hearths defying.

9. Traverse who will that wretched land,
Now riven with revolt and riot;
And where'er ye shall hear of our loyal band;
There alone ye shall find it quiet.

10. Yes! Cold suspicion and scoff and scorn
And calumny have assail'd us;
Aye! Hard though it was - all these we've borne'
Not once have our true hearts fail'd us.

11. We have bided our time - it is well nigh come;
It will find us stern and steady;
It will need not to rouse us with trumpet or drum
For our hearts and our arms are ready.


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