Billy Reid

Melody -

All the radio said was another shot dead
And he died with a gun in his hand
But they never said why Billy Reid had to die
'Cause he died to free Ireland.

I'll sing you a song of a terrible wrong,
When the flags all flew at half mast.
And a man he lay dead he'd been riddled with lead,
And he died on the streets of Belfast.

2. It happened one day when the bold IRA
Set out to fight for their land
With an old Thompson gun put the troops on the run
And return to their home was their plan.

3. While returning the guns Billy met British Huns
And when the fight had begun
His position was dire when his gun wouldn't fire
So he died with that old Thompson gun.

4. Allthough he lay dead he was kicked in the head,
By the hair they dragged him around.
But the still fear him yet and we can never forget,
How brave Billy Reid stood his ground.

5. If you think he was right come and join in the fight,
And help us to free Belfast.
For the blood that he shed and allthough he lay dead,
In our hearts his memory will last.

This song is about Billy Reid of the 3rd Batallion, Belfast Brigade, who was gunned down on May 15 1971.

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