Take me back to Castlebar

Melody -

I'm waiting for John Murphy's van
To take me to the site.
I'm working seven days a week
From morning to dark night.
And when I step into the van
And gently close the door,
The first thing that they'll ask me 's what
I did the night before!
Take me back to Castlebar
In the county of Mayo!
It's the only place in Ireland
I'm longing for to go!
They greet you with a friendly smile
And bid you time of day.
When I set my foot in old Mayo
I never more will stray!
2. My boss Jack the ganger man
He talks about the times
Himself and old John Murphy
Worked deep down in the mines.
He says he meets them often at
The Dorchester Hotel.
If you want to get promotion,
Get down and dig like hell!


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