The Courtroom

Melody -

The judge said stand up boy, and dry up your tears
You're sentenced to Long Kesh, for seven long years
I know you are loyal to the Queen and the Crown
But the laws of this country, make me send you down.

2. Now this was his story, in the courtroom one day
When a young loyal protestant was taken away
But the lad stood up proudly, and these words he said
I'll be true to Ulster, until I am dead.

3. For these tears you see judge, are not tears of fear
They're just tears of sadness for those I hold dear
I know they'll stand by me, for there will be time
For I'll be with my comrades, we stand side by side.

4. So listen you Rebels to these words I give
You'll never take Ulster as long as you live
For we will destroy you, we're loyal and true
And the flag over Ulster will be red white and blue.


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