Croppies Lie Down

Melody -

We soldiers of Erin, so proud of the name
We’ll raise on the rebels and Frenchmen our fame;
We’ll fight to the last in the honest old cause,
And guard our religion, our freedom and laws;
We’ll fight for our country, our King and his crown,
And make all the traitors and croppies lie down.

2. The rebels so bold, when they’ve none to oppose,
To houses and haystacks are terrible foes;
They murder poor parsons and likewise their wives,
At the sight of a soldier they run for their lives;
Whennever we march over country and town
In ditches and cellars the croppies lie down.

3. United in blood to the country’s disgrace,
They secretly shoot those they dare not to face;
But whenever we catch the sly rogues in the field,
A handful of soldiers makes hundreds to yield;
The cowards collect but to raise our renown,
For as soon as we fire the croppies lie down.

4. While thus in this war so unmanly they wage
On women, dear women, they turn their damn’d rage;
We’ll fly to protect the dear creatures from harm,
They’ll be sure to find safety when clasped in our arms;
On love in a soldier no maiden will frown,
But bless the brave troops that made croppies lie down.

5. Should France e’er attempt, by fraud or by guile,
Her forces to land on Erin’s green isle,
We’ll show that they n’er can make free soldiers,slaves,
They shall only possess our green fields for their graves;
Our country’s applauses our triumphs will crown,
Whilst with their French brothers the croppies lie down.

6. When wars and when dangers agfain shall be o’er
And peace with her blessings revisit our shore;
When arms we relinquish, no longer to roam
With pride will our families welcome us home:
We’ll drink in full bumpers past troubles to drown
A health to the lads that made croppies lie down.


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