Derry's Deathless Story

Melody -

Behold the crimson banner float
O'er yonder turret hoary;
It tells of days of mighty note
And Derry's deathless story
When her brave sons undaunted stood
Embattled to defend her,
Indignant stemmed oppressions flood
And sung out - "done Surrender!"

2. Old Derry's walls were firm and strong
Well fenced in every quarter
Each frowning bastion grim along
With culverin and mortar:
But Derry had a surer guard
Than all that art could lend her:
Her 'Prentice hearts the gates who barr'd
And sung out - "No Surrender!"

3. On came the foe, in bigot ire,
And fierce the assault was given,
By shot and shell, 'mid streams of fire,
Her fated roof was riven;
But baffled was the tyrant's wrath,
And vain his hopes to bend her,
For still, 'mid famine, fire and death,
And sung out - "No Surrender!"

4. Again when treason madden'd round,
And rebel hordes were swarming,
Were Derry's sons the foremost found,
For King and country Ireland.
And forth they rush'd at honor's call,
From age to boyhood tender,
Again to man their virgin wall,
And sing out - "No Surrender!"

5. Long may the crimson banner wave,
A meteor streaming airy,
Portentious of the free and brave,
Who guard the walls of Derry;
And Derry's sons alike defy
Pope, traitor or pretender
And peal to Heaven the 'Prentice cry
Their patriot - "No Surrender!"


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