Battle of the Diamond

Melody -

A song to the field, the well-fought field.
That the battle of the Diamond won:
When the sword in its might for Protestant's right,
Flash’d forth in the evening sun.
And the glorious west, with its red clouds blest,
Shone out on the deeds then done:
And the mountain's heath was the scene of death.
That the battle of the Diamond won.
Then hurrah, then hurrah.

2. ‘Twas in the year of ‘95 September the 21st,
A rabble on the vision burst;
They rush’d from the hills with shouts and with yells
The Defenders to do their worst
But them to oppose Stood Protestant foes,
Who scattered the murderous crew;
And ere the sun set, the green grass was wet,
But not with the evening dew,
Then Hurrah, then hurrah.

3. From this noble fight our lodge takes its name
The Diamond Lodge our pride;
The ardent desires which glowed in our sires,
In these their sons do abide.
Should rebels again e’er be seen on the plain,
An Orangeman’s fire they would shun;
For the Diamond will cast its fires to the last.
That the battle of the Diamond won
Then hurrah, then hurrah.