The Siege of Drumcree

Melody -

It was a quiet Sunday
As brethren left prayer;
But one thousand RUC men
Were waiting for them there.

2. Freddie Hall, he had the choice
That day in Portadown
He told his men, go to Drumcree
And face the Orange down.

3. They won't protest to us he said
We've done this all before,
What Freddie didn't realise
The Prods could take no more.

4. Harold Gracey said "We're here
And here we're going to stay,
We have the legal right to walk
Down any Queen's highway.

5. So go back to Garvaghy
And clear the road for us,
We'll walk with pride and dignity
And we won't make a fuss.

6. But police put on their riot gear
Preparing for a fight,
And the siege of Drumcree churchyard
Began that Sunday night.

7. They came from every county
As word was passed around,
The countryside a sea of orange,
Prepared to stand their ground.

8. The support for loyal Portadown
It really was immense,
Food and drink came pouring in
Some even pitched their tents.

9. As the siege approached its second night
The police chiefs they all knew
The only way to keep the peace,
Was let the parade pass through.

10. So on the Tuesday morning
The ll th of July,
The orange walked Garvaghy Road,
With heads and colours high.

11. No more calls for compromise
Or trying to appease,
The Protestants of Ulster
Have got up off their knees.


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