Eileen Alanna Asthore

Melody -

Henry Blossom, Victor Herbert

I'm in love! I'm in love with a slip of a girl
And if I should be merry or sad, I don't know
For my heart is afire and my head is a whirl
Yet I'm suff'rin' for her so I'm glad that 'tis so
For her hair is that black and her eyes are that blue
She's the form of some proud little queen! 'Tis that neat
While her cheeks are like roses new kiss'd by the dew
And the name of the darlin's Eileen! Sure, that's sweet!

Eileen! But my heart you have captured!
|: 'Tis you that I love you I adore!
My soul with your charm is enraptured
Oh lovely Eileen, Alanna, Astore. :|