Old Father Dan

Melody -

I once knew a dodger, whose name was Father Dan,
But to purgatory he's gone long ago
To atone for the sins he committed all for scran.
He is living with his Uncle Tom below.
Then square up your shovels in a row,
Tumble up the sods with the hoe, boys o;
There is no more rent for ould Father Dan
He's gone where the rest all will go.

2. Now ould Father Dan was the rarest ould sprig
That Ireland ever did see,
For most of his wit, och! It lay in his wig,
And he long kept the rent-box  key.

3. But, alas! Like all flesh, ould Father Dan did die
The big beggar-man is no more;
And the boys for the halfpence they've lost often sigh,
They swear they've been done o'er and o'er.

4. Though his head was as big as any timber block.
He was a fox, only he wanted the tail;
For the love of the boys he kept all their stock
But to purgaory one day he set sail.

5. Dan started for purgatory one cold winter's morn.
And the Bansheis rent the air with their woe;
For all the Repealers of the cash were shorn,
And Repeal with Dan sent down below.

6. But the boys pray that Old Nick may claim his own,
When from purgatory Father Dan is cast;
And that with serpents he'll be left for the groan,
For the rent-box he long held so fast.


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