The Grazier Tribe

Melody -

Oh, ye toilers of this nation,
I hope you will draw near,
Anew and true narration
I mean to let you hear,
'Tis for your information
My pen I take in hand
To try describe a grazier tribe,
That now infests this land.

2. This grazier clan has overran
Your country so fair,
Enough to make the angels weep
Or drive you to despair;
There's not a town from Cork to Down,
Or Dublin to Tralee.
But has a den of grazier men
To keep you in poverty.

3. Oh, ye men in name have you no shame
To see this beauteous land,
Turned into one vast wilderness
By a cursed grazier band;
This land so kind was ne'er designed
By providence on high,
To keep John Bull with mutton full
While the natives starve and die.

4. Oh, ye men of honest labour,
If ever you'd be free,
Now take your stand upon the land
And strike for liberty;
Commit no crime, now is the time,
To burst your galling chains,
And drive this band clean off the land,
As Brian drove the Danes.

5. Oh, this land of ours, of sunny showers,
How fair 'twould be to see,
Across the plain the golden grain
All waving like a sea;
And men so fine instead of kine
You'd see on every hand,
To give a cheer for freedom dear
And Faith and Fatherland.

6. So ye valiant sons of labour
Wherever you are found,
To seek a home you need not roam
But quietly look around;
There may be seen fine meadows green,
And bullocks sleek and grand,
Just get your pole and take a stroll
And clear them from the land.

7. And if Bob be there to fume and swear
And threaten you with jail,
And for your good behaviour
You surely must find bail;
But still you'll find true friends behind
To cheer you in your woe,
Then you'll be so grand with house and land
That yourself you will not know.


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