Orange Gathering Song

Melody -

From every hill and valley,
From every strath and glen,
Ho! Rally, Northmen! Rally!,
Display your strength again:
Come all ye that are true yet:
Come, gather quick and fast,
Hurrah! ye can renew yet
The glories of the past.
Rear! Rear the flag! Strike, strike the drum!
In proud procession join;
Let cowards quail, while freemen hail
The Battle of the Boyne.

2. 'Tis now no time for dreaming,
No time to take repose,
When traitor men are scheming
To sell you to your foes;
Aye, truth and honor scorning,
Your freedom they would blast,
But read to them this warning,
The memory of the past
And rear the flag, and strike the drum!
In proud procession join;
Let traitors quail, while true-men hail
The Battle of the Boyne.

3. Fermanagh! ever ready
The warder of our land;
And Cavan tried and steady,
Send forth your loyal band:
And Monaghan, stout-hearted;
In danger never last,
Up! Show' tis not departed,
The spirit of the past.
And rear the flag and strike the drum!
In proud procession join:
Foemen! give place, ye know our race
The victors of the Boyne

4. From fair Tyrone's border,
All round to Donegal,
Come rankling out in order
Come, gather one and all:
Ho! Derrymen! Awaking
Abroad your banner cast.
E'en now the day is breaking,
The weary night is past.
Ho! Rear the flag! Ho! strike the drum!
In proud procession join:
So freemen ought, whose fathers fought
And conquered at the Boyne

5. Armagh, the call is sounding
Send out thy every man;
Thy true hearts, Down, are bounding
From Strangford to the Bann;
Antrim! Aye thou'rt true yet
Rank out thy legion vast;
Alone thou could'st renew yet,
The glories of the past,
With flaunting flag and rolling drum,
In proud procession join;
No rabble ye, but yeomen free,
Like those who cross'd the Boyne.

6. Fling out our glorious banner,
'Mid music's merry chime:
Let Northern breezes fan her,
As in the olden time;
And trust in God on high, boys,
Be faithful to the last;
The future will outvie boys
The glories of the past
Rear, rear, the flag! Strike strike the drum!
In proud procession join:
Hurrah! Hurrah! We hail this day
The Battle of the Boyne.


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