I'm a Darlin'

Melody - "Dublin City"


As I walked out of Chester city
At the late hour of the night
Who should I see but a fair young maiden
Washing her clothes by the clear moonlight.
Madam, I'm a darlin', a die-ro-dither-o
Madam, I'm a darlin', a die-ro-day.

2. First she washed and then she squeezed them
And then she hung them out to dry
And then she folded up her arms saying
O what a fair young girl am I.

3. O, going to the well to fetch some water
Fetching it back to make some cheese
She fell under and I fell over
And all the game was above her knee.

4. Madam I will tie your garter,
I will tie it above your knee
And if you like I'll tie it up farther
'Cause madam I'm a die-row-day.

5. Have you ever heard of cups and saucers
Rattling round an old tin can
Have you ever heard of a fair young girl
Married to an ugly grey old man.

6. Madam you may have the gold and silver
Madam you may have the tracts of land
You may have ships all on the ocean
But what you need now is a canny young man.


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