Patrick Fagan

Melody -

Hello, Patrick Fagan,
You can hear the girls all cry
Hello, Patrick Fagan,
You're the apple of me eye!
You're a decent boy from Ireland,
There's no one can deny
You're a rare of a tear
Of a devil-may-care
Of a decent Irish boy!

I'm workin' here in Glasgow,
I got a decent job
I'm carryin' bricks and mortar,
And the pay is fifteen bob!
I rise up in the mornin',
I get up with the lark
And when I'm walkin' down the street
You can hear the girls remark:

2. Well the day that I left Ireland,
T'was many months ago
I left my home in Ulster
Where the pigs and praties grow
Since I left old Ireland,
It's always been my plan
To let you people see
That I'm a decent Irishman!

3. Now if there's one among you,
Who'd like to marry me
I'll take you to my little home
Across the Irish Sea
I'll dress you up in satin
And I'll do the best I can
To let the people see
That I'm a decent Irishman!


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