The Winds are Singing Freedom

Melody -

In the battle streets of Belfast
You can hear the people cry
For justice long denied them
And their cry will fill the sky
But the winds of change are blowing
Bringing hope from dark despair
A new day is dawning
You can feel it in the air.
The winds are singing freedom
They sing it everywhere
They sing it on the mountainside
And in the city square
They sing of a new day dawning
When our people shall be free
Come and join the song of freedom
Let it ring from sea to sea.
2. Too long our people suffered
In misery and tears
And foreign rulers used our land
For about eight hundred years
It's a long road has no turning
And I know that soon will be
A day of justice dawning
When our people shall be free.

3. There's a time laid out for laughing
And there's a time laid aout to weep
There's a time laid out for sowing
And a time laid out to reap
There's a time to love your brother
There's a time for hate to cease
If you sow the seeds of justice
Then you'll reap the fruits of peace.


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