Johnny Harte

Melody -

There was a rich farmer's daughter lived near to the town of Ross
She courted a Highland soldier, his name was Johnny Harte
For six long months they courted, her parents they knew not
He was her darling soldier body dress'd up in his Highland plaid.

2. Says the mother unto the daughter, I'll go distracted mad,
If you marry that Highland soldier dressed up in his Highland plaid
To marry a private soldier for ever you're undone
You know your fortune is too great, so wed a farmer's son.

3. Dear mother, do not despise my love, and do not run him down,
For there's many a private soldier was raised to a high renown,
And many a farmer's daughter has followed the fife and drum,
I would not part my soldier boy for any squire's son.

4. Next morning then her mother to the barracks did repair,
And to the Colonel's quarters she straight was sent across,
And there she met the Colonel, and to him a courtesy dropt,
I want your honour in private, I have a broken heart.

5. The Colonel being a nobleman he then began to smile,
So kindly he consented with her to step aside,
Be quick my decent woman, to hear you I'm inclined,
If I consider your claim is fair, I'll see you justified.

6. I have only one daughter, she is a foolish lass,
She is courted by one of your soldiers, his name is Johnny Harte,
To marry a private soldier is below my child's degree,
If your honour will send him out of Ross my blessing on you'll be.

7. The bugle sounded for parade, young Harte he did appear,
The Colonel he stepped up to him all in the barrack square,
If you court this woman's daughter, and that I find it out,
I'll send you on detachment till the regiment gets the route.

8. 'Tis hard enough, young Harte replied, for courting an Irish lass,
To send me on detachment, and leave my dear in Ross,
I love this woman's daughter and for me she's inclined
And I'd court your honour's daughter if I could gain her mind.

9. Well done my gallant soldier, I like your courage well,
And you shall be promoted for those words you boldly tell
I'll put epaulettes on your shoulders, and then you'll be a match
For the foremost farmer's daughter coming into the town of Ross.

10. To have this couple married the Colonel gave consent,
Her parents paid her portion down, it's now they are content,
Young Harte became an officer, his dear a captain's bride,
He has joined the richest family down by the Barrow side.