The Ballad of Lindsey Mooney

Melody -

Come gather round my comrades
A saddened tale I'll tell
About upon a foreign land
Our brave young comrade fell
His young life fitted from this land
So torn by bomb and strife
For Ulster's cause he gave his all
And sacrificed his life.

2. Was on a cold St. Patrick's night
When Lindseys life was shed
As to a bar where rebels were
Was a car bomb he was spared
But something happened on that night
Our comrades life was through
In a foreign land he gave his life
In defense of all that's true.

3. We pray that by his sacrifice
The world shall see the truth
His young life he gave valiantly
His death was not in vain.
The Ulster flag with its red hand
On this land shall remain.
So listen now you loyalists
As this my tale I end.

4. He gave his life for liberty
Ulster's people to defend
So lets remember always
In letters aged and bold
Remember well this young mans name
And the story you've been told.
So lift a glass in Lindseys name,
And remember one and all.

5. That while young lads like Lindsey fight
Ulster's cause shall never fall
His life he gave so loyally
The final price he paid
|: In Ulster's cause he lived and died
To fight the IRA. :|


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