Lord of the Living Harvest

Melody - "Aurelia", Samuel S. Wesley, 1864

John S.B. Monsell, 1866

Lord of the living harvest
That whitens o'er the plain,
Where angels soon shall gather
Their sheaves of golden grain,
Accept these hands to labor,
These hearts to trust and love,
And deign with them to hasten
Thy kingdom from above.

2. As lab'rers in Thy vineyard,
Lord, send them out to be
Content to bear the burden
Of weary days for Thee.
To ask no other wages
When Thou shalt call them home
Then to have shared the travail
Which makes Thy kingdom come.

3. Come down, O Holy Spirit,
And fill their souls with light,
Clothe them in spotless raiment,
In linen clean and white,
Beside Thy sacred altar,
Be with them where they stand
To sanctify Thy people
Through all this happy land.

4. Be with them, God the Father;
Be with them, God the Son;
And God the Holy Spirit,
Most blessed Three in One.
Make them Thy faithful servants
Thee rightly to adore
And fill them with Thy fulness
Both now and evermore.


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