Lovely Katie of Liskehaun

Melody -

You gentle Muses, I pray excuse me,
Your kind infusion now grant once more,
Till I praise a maiden sweet and engaging
She's lovely Venus I do adore
Unless you'll aid me, my art will fail me,
A sketch most pleasing I must have drawn
And still I'm eager from heart to please her,
Sweet lovely Katie of Liskehaun.

2. One frosty morning while passing northways,
By Limerick suburbs I chanced to meet,
My darling phoenix I mean young Katie.
And she coming early up William Street,
Her blue eyes beaming their dart prevailing,
Her conversation was mild and warm
My heart was breaking for to be leaving,
Sweet lovely Katie of Liskehaun.

3. In the evening early when home returning
Alone by a hay-rick I did her see.
As if quite conscious her aspect fearful
That lovely fair one would shrink from me,
I would rather than the flocks of Damer
Or the cattle grazing on O'Donnell's lawn,
That on the hay bench I could be seated,
With lovely Katie of Liskehaun.

4. Although young Katie is a rich young lady,
And far superior in wealth for me,
Yet while acquainted she is kind and faithful,
By long experience I this can see.
In the fruit season when the road seems weary
And I going early back to Drishawn,
All my consolation was seeing young Katie,
That lovely maiden of Liskehaun.

5. If you seen young Katie dressed out so gaily,
For pleasure facing along the street,
She appeared the sweetest most modest creature,
And was admired by all who did her meet,
Her golden fair locks in curls waving
Down on her waist her fine ringlets shone,
And in every feature the pride of nature
Was lovely Katie of Liskehaun.

6. If Jason famous had known young Katie,
With her he'd sail to the Persian shore,
And bold Ulysses for to release her,
The briney regions he would search o'er
And you know Paris the Trojan hero,
Who brought Queen Helen to King Priam
He would venture greater his bride to make her
Sweet lovely Katie of Liskehaun.

7. Farewell, dear Katie, I now must leave you,
The train from Limerick is passing by,
It checks me freely and bids me stay with
The lovely maiden of Bunratty,
But summer season and times are changing
Once more I'll stray back from fair Drishawn,
And make application to my sweet young Katie
That lovely fair one of Liskehaun.


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