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A Loyal Protestant

Melody -

For I am a loyal protestant, Billy Johnson is my name
And being faithful to our loyal crown is my only claim to fame
For I love to watch the Orangemen on the Twelfth day of July
And to watch the bands as they pass your stand and hear the battle.
For we're only loyal protestants, show your flag and fly it high
God bless the Queen, long may she reign, No Surrender is our cry.

2. Back in Sixty-Nine, the rebels came and tried to chase us from our homes
But they should have known that Ulstermen would never bow to Rome
We have fought against the rebel foe from Tyronne and from Ardoyne
And we fought just like our fathers did with William at the Boyne.

3. Now take heed you sons of Mary, come and listen to my song
or there'll come a day when we'll have our way, and drive you back where you belong
Many times you've tried to take our land, your attempts have been in vain
For as in the past, we'll fight to the last, till the body's blood does drain.