General Munroe

Melody -

My name is George Campbell at the age of eighteen
I joined the United Men to strive for the green,
And many a battle I did undergo
With that hero commander, brave General Munroe.

2. Have you heard of the Battle of Ballinahinch
Where the people oppressed rose up in defence?
When Munroe left the mountains his men took the field,
And they fought for twelve hours and never did yield.

3. Munroe being tired and in want of a sleep,
Gave a woman ten guineas his secret to keep.
But when she got the money the devil tempted her so
That she sent for the soldiers and surrendered Munroe.

4. The army they came and surrounded the place,
And they took him to Lisburn and lodged him in jail.
And his father and mother in passing that way
Heard the very last words that their dear son did say!

5. "Oh, I die for my country as I fought for her cause,
And I don't fear your soldiers nor yet heed your laws.
And let every true man who hates Ireland's foe
Fight bravely for freedom like Henry Munroe."

6. And 'twas early one morning when the sun was still low,
They murdered our hero brave General Munroe,
And high o'er the Courthouse stuck his head on a spear,
For to make the United men tremble and fear.

7. Then up came Munroe's sister, she was all dressed in green,
With a sword by her side that was well-sharped and keen.
Giving three hearty cheers, away she did go
Saying, "I’ll have revenge for my brother Munroe."

8. All ye good men who listen, just think of the fate
Of the brave men who died in the year Ninety Eight.
For poor old Ireland would be free long ago
If her sons were all rebels like Henry Munroe.

General Henry Munroe led the County Down insurgents, who were victorious at Saintfield, but were defeated at Ballinahinch on 13th June, 1798. He was betrayed and hanged in front of his own home in Lisburn, County Antrim on 16th June.

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