Boys of Kilkenny

Melody - variant of "The Old Head of Dennis", as Thomas Moore called it

Oh the Boys of Kilkenny are brave roaring blades
And if ever they Meet with the nice little maids
They'll kiss them and coax them and spend their money free
|: And of all Towns in Ireland Kilkenny for me. :|
Fal de ral de ral de ral de ral lal ra la la lo.

2. In the Town of Kilkenny there runs a clear stream,
In the Town of Kilkenny there lives a pretty Dame,
Her lips are lke roses, and her mouth much the same,
|: Like a dish of fresh strawberries smother'd in cream. :|

3. Her Eyes are as black as Kilkennys large coal,
Which thro' my poor bosom have burnt a big hole;
Her mind like its river is mild clear and pure,
|: But her heart is more hard nor its marble I'm sure. :|

4. Kilkenny's a pretty Town and shines where it stands,
And the more I think on it, the more my heart warms;
For, if I was in Kilkenny I'd think myself at home,
|: For its there I'd get sweethearts, but here I get none. :|

Song and tune here are from a single sheet copy which is believed to be the original publication of this song. Michael Kelly's music shop where it was printed, was in business from 1802 to 1811.