When this Old Sash was New

Melody -

How stirring was the spirit, boys, that bounded in our breast,
When friendship lit our social joys and treason slept at rest;
There were no Popish cardinals to break England's laws all through,
Nor Ribbon flag dare to be seen when this old sash was new;
Then toast the memory of the men who popery did subdue,
And girt their swords, upon their loins when this old sash was new.

2. Our fertile plains were lit with smiles, shed by the general sun;
We little cared for Popish wiles while Orangemen were one.
For if a Popish rebel dare assault the orange or blue,
Our sword was from our scabbard bared when this old sash was new.

3. 'Twas each peasant's cottage then, there hung our ensign true,
Which flaunted on old Derry's walls at Boyne and Aughrim too.
Each loyal bosom throbbed to wear the orange and the blue,
Which made our foes oft blanch with fear when this old sash was new.

4. The brawny arms of Orangemen in camp and tented field,
Have kept their post o'er hill and glen, with bright and shining steel;
The foe far off dare not come near in battle to imbue,
Too well they feared our shining arms when this old sash was new.

5. There were no grants to foul Maynooth to educate her priests.
Nor papist dare with words uncouth sing at their Romish feasts;
For round old E ngland's diadem their burst upon the view,
The Orange diadem on its stem when this old sash was new.

6. Full fifty years have past and gone since it graced my neck,
Success is linked with noble deeds with me it paced the deck;
Now that life's scene draws to a close, let each young Orangeman true,
Proclaim with me no stains have fallen since this old sash was new.

7. But now far off the Papish threat at home the bombers rule
They've drawn us down to conference all backed up by foreign power,
Now our own politicos would break England's laws all through
There were no shouts or Trimble's Blair  when this olde sash was new. Chorus: