The Orange Banner

Melody -

Come! Shake forth the banner! Let Northern winds fan her!
She hath blazed over Erin three ages and more;
Through danger we'll hold her, the fewer the bolder,
As constant and true as our fathers before.

2. The bright Orange banner! The ensign of honor!
It waves o'er the head of true Protestants still;
Ho, Orangemen! Rally from the mountain and valley,
Around the old flagstaff on liberty's hill.

3. Through the "broad stone of honor" that flagstaff is founded,
Deep, deep, in the sure Rock of Ages below,
It stood when rebellion's wild temper resounded,
And shall stand, by God's grace, though again it should blow.

4. Then hoist the bright banner! The ensign of honor!
Let Northen winds fan her! Up, up and away!
To Papist and Faitour, to tyrant and traitor,
Shake forth the old flag of defiance, hurrah!