Orange Yeomanry of '98

Melody -

I am an humble Orangeman
My father he was one;
The mantle which the sire once wore
Has fallen to the son;
He ranked with those who quelled their fires
The foes of Church and State;
The gallant Orange Yeomanry
Who fought in Ninety-eight!

2. The light which led their spirits on.
O'er battle-field did shine
Each breast was Freedom's temple pure.
Each heart was Freedom's shrine
As sinks the day in glorious ray,
Some sunk - and bright their fate
The gallant Orange Yeomanry,
Who fought in Ninety-eight!

3. Behold the Orange peasant,
Or the Orange artisan;
Go view his home, observe his ways;
You'll find it in his plan
Thro' woe or weal, with godly zeal,
True men to imitate
The gallant Orange Yeomanry
Who Fought in "Ninety Eight!

4. To guard the faith which Luther preached
The rights which William won,
The Orangeman relies upon
His Bible and his gun;
He prays for peace, yet war will face,
Should rebels congregate;
Like the brave Orange Yeomanry
Who fought in 'Ninety-eight!

5. "Who fears to speak of "Ninety-eight?"
This was the silly note
Of one who was afraid to put
His name to what he wrote;
He was afraid - they're all afraid
They know we'd gag their prate
As did the Orange Yeomanry
Who fought in "Ninety-eight!

6. In peace, like watchful silent stars
Can Orangemen remain;
In war, their energies are like
The surges of the Main;
And each true-hearted Orangeman
Would smile though death await,
As did the Orange Yeomanry
Who fought in 'Ninety-eight!


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