A Song for the Yeomen

Melody -

A brave and jolly yeoman long
Lived on the River Foyle,
When work was throng, a simple song
Beguiled his daily toil;
And still the burthen of his song
For ever used to be,
"My King, though all the world goes wrong,
Shall find a friend in me."

2. In ďNinety-eight when Erinís state
Was bad as bad could be;
When rebels rose and Englandís foes
Cried loud for liberty;
The yeomen then, while other men
Shook in their shoes for fear,
Undaunted stood, and shed his blood,
Triumphant through the year.

3. Oh where! Oh where! While dull despair
Was stalking through the land,
Were all the prigs, the brainless Whigs,
Who now assume command?
Some quailed at home, some fought for Rome,
And others ran away;
While yeoman brave, the land to save,
Fought on and gained the day.

4. And as the gallant yeoman then
Stood forward for the throne
With loyal men heíll stand again,
And slavery disown,
For truth and right undaunted fright,
While traitors bite the ground;
To Englandís laws and Williamís cause,
For ever faithful found.


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