Success to the Orange Wherever it Goes

Melody -

Let the name of Great William be ever held dear,
By each loyal subject throughout the whole land
For from heaven he looks down on his children met here
And smiles with delight on this Protestant band;
Who with hearts firm and bold
Like their fathers of old,
Rally round this bright standard in spite of our foes
And who will, until death,
Put a stop to our breath,
Sing--"Success to the Orange where ever it goes!"

2. Although certain persons, well known in this isle,
Have vainly endeavoured on us for to frown,
Yet, at their weak efforts, we safely may smile.
It's not in their power to put Orangemen down
With aid from on high
Their threats we defy,
And our cause it will flourish in spite of our foes;
Then who will, until death
Put a stop to our breath,
There's --"Success to the Orange where ever it goes!"

3. Though bigoted wretches, who judge by themselves,
Have asserted "that we are for murder enrolled."
'Tis their own sable hearts first gave birth to the thought,
As we see by their plots which day does enfold.
But truth, like a star
Which shines from afar,
To a candid observer convincingly shows
that 'gainst rebels alone
Our vengeance is shown;
So--"Success to the Orange wherever it goes!"

4. Now a full- flowing glass to Lord Farnham we'll pass,
The yeomen's brave father, their country's firm prop;
To Enniskillen so bold to his praise be it told,
He'd ne'er hang a yeoman for shooting a Crop,
To the King fill it high
Let our song reach the sky,
And no more may rebellion disturb his repose;
Here's our stout wooden walls,
Which no danger appalls
And--"Success to the Orange wherever it goes!"