The Times they are a-Changing

Melody -

Come on you young brethren and listen to me
And pledge that your country stays loyal and free
And step proudly forth each Twelfth of July
And let Dublin know now that Ulster wont die.
And if you love your country you'll stand up and cry
That the times they are a-changing.

2. For the people in Dublin with their gold,white and green
They don't want the border, they don't want the Queen
But the Queen and the border we'll never deny
We'll fight to defend them and Ulster wont die.

3. Now Armagh and Antrim, Londonderry, and Down
Tyronne and Fermanagh remain true to the crown
They remember Lord Carson, his famous reply
No home rule for Ireland and Ulster wont die.

4. For the red hand of Ulster, the red, white, and blue
Are the symbols of freedom for me and for you
Let your watchword be courage, let the union jack fly
For we won't surrender and Ulster won't die.


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