Ulster Volunteer

Melody -

Dear friend if you will listen, a story I will tell
Abbout a band of loyal men, we all know so well
In two world wars they fought and died through blood, sweat and tears
To keep us free from tyranny, the Ulster Volunteers.

2. Now the IRA for many years have savaged this fair land
With bomb and gun and hatred, they are the devils band.
They've murdered little children, but their end is drawing near
For they know they'll never match the men of the Ulster Volunteer.

3. Now the might of Hitler's forces, in Nineteen-Forty-One
Had conquered all before them, no one could stop the hunt.
When the British empire stood quite firm, we knew we need not fear
For we knew the Lord was on our side, and the Ulster Volunteers.

4. Now the U, it stands for Ulster, a place of great renown.
The V, its stands for Victory, for we will not back down.
The F, it stands for Freedom, for which we fight till death.
When you put them all together you've got UVF.

5. So all you loyal protestants, who listen to my song
In England and in Canada, and Scotland or Hong Kong
If ever you are troubled, you need never shed a tear
For we will march to victory with the Ulster Volunteers.