Up, Orangemen Up!

Melody -

By the blood of your fathers, the martyrs of old,
By the honor and courage that never were sold,
By the throne that you love, and the faith you revere,
Up, Orangemen! Up! And in phalanx appear.

2. By the dread recollection of horrors long past,
By the bigot, who still is as true to his caste,
By the Pope and the devil, who plot to betray,
Up, Orangemen! Up! And in battle array.

3. By all that kind heaven or earth can afford,
By religion and laws, and by torture abhor'd
By base superstition and priestcraft, and crime,
Up, Orangement!Up! 'tis the crisis of time.

4. By wife, home, and children, by friends and kin,
By the one sacred triumph of which Britons sing,
By the laws as they were made to keep Papists down
Up, Orangemen! Up! And defend faith and crown.


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