White, Orange and Green

Melody -

In the bold Gautea Mountains, so far, far, away
I'll tell you a story that happened one day
ABbout a young maiden her age was sixteen
And she carried a banner: white, orange, and green.

2. Well a young English soldier was passing one day
And saw the young maid with her banner so gay
He laughed and he joked and got off his machine
Determined to capture white, orange, and green.

3. Well you can't have my banner the young girl did cry
Till your blood and mine on the cold Gauteas lie.
For I am a rebel and that's nothing mean
And I'd lay down my life for white orange and green.

4. Well the young English soldier turned white as the snow
Got on his machine and away he did go.
For there's no use in fightin a girl of sixteen
Who would die for a banner, white, orange, and green.


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