The County Meeting

Melody -

Carolina Oliphant, (Lady Nairne), 1766-1845

Ye're welcome, leddies, ane and a',
Ye're welcome to our County Ha',
Sae will ye look when buskit braw,
To grace our County Meeting!
An' gentlemen, ye're welcome, too,
In waistcoats white and tartan too,
Gae seek a partner, mak' yere bow,
Syne dance our County Meeting.

2. There's the Major, and his sister too,
He in the bottle-green, she in the blue;
Some years sin' syne that gown was new,
At our County Meeting.
They are a worthy, canty pair,
An' unco proud o' their nephew, Blair;
O' sense, or siller, he's nae great share,
Though he's the King o' the Meeting.

3. An' there's our Member, and Provost Whig,
Our Doctor in his yellow wig,
Wi' his fat wife, wha takes a jig,
Aye at our County meeting.
Miss Betty, too, I see her there,
Wi' her sonsy face, and bricht red hair,
Dancin' till she can dance nae mair
At our County Meeting.

4. Afore we end, strike up the spring
O Thulichan and Hieland-fling,
The Haymakers, and Bumpkin fine!
At our County Meeting.
Gow draws his bow, folk haste away,
While some are glad and some are wae,
A' blithe to meet some ither day,
At our County Meeting.


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