Duke of Athol

Melody -

"I am gaing awa, Jeanie,
I am gaing awa,
I am gaing ayont the saut seas,
I'm gaing sae far awa."

2. "What will ye buy to me, Jamie,
What will ye buy to me?"
"I'll buy to you a silken plaid,
And send it wi' vanitie."

3. "That's na love at a',
Jamie, That's na love at a';
All I want is love for love,
And that's the best ava.

4. "Whan will ye marry me, Jamie,
Whan will ye marry me?
Will ye tak me to your countrie,
Or will ye marry me?"

5. "How can I marry thee, Jeanie,
How can I marry thee?
Whan I've a wife and bairns three,
Twa wad na weill agree."

6. "Wae be to your fause tongue, Jamie,
Wae be to your fause tongue;
Ye promised for to marry me,
And has a wife at hame!

7. "But if your wife wad dee, Jamie,
And sae your bairns three,
Wad ye tak me to your countrie,
Or wad ye marry me?

8. "But sin they're all alive, Jamie,
But sin they're all alive,
We'll tak a glass in ilka hand,
And drink, Weill may they thrive."

9. "If my wife wad dee, Jeanie,
And sae my bairns three,
I wad tak ye to my ain countrie,
And married we wad be."

10. "O an your head war sair, Jamie,
O an your head war sair,
I'd tak the napkin frae my neck,
And tie doun your yellow hair."

11. "I hae na wife at a', Jeanie,
I hae na wife at a',
I hae neither wife nor bairns three,
I said it to try thee."

12. "Licht are ye to loup, Jamie,
Licht are ye to loup,
Licht are ye to loup the dyke,
Whan I maun wale a slap."

13. "Licht am I to loup, Jeanie,
Licht am I to loup;
But the hiest dyke that we come to,
I'll turn and tak you up.

14. "Blair in Athol is mine, Jeanie,
Blair in Athol is mine;
Bonnie Dunkel is whare I dwell,
And the boats o' Garry's mine.

15. "Huntingtower is mine, Jeanie,
Huntingtower is mine,
Huntingtower, and bonnie Belford,
And a' Balquhither's mine."

From Kinloch, Ancient Scottish Ballads.

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