Glenwhorple Hielanders

Melody -

There's a braw fine regiment as ilka mon should ken,
They are deevils at the fechtin', they ha'e clured a sicht o'men,
And ha'e suppit muuckle whusky when the canteen they gang ben,
The Hielan'men frae braw Glenwhorple.
Heuch! Glenwhorple Hielan'men!
Great strong whusky-suppin' Hielan'men,
Hard-workin', hairy-leggit Hielan'men,
Slainte mhor Glenwhorple.

2. They were foonded by McAdam, who of a' men was the fairst,
He resided in Glen Eden, whaur he pipit like tae burst,
Wi' a fig leaf for a sporran, an'a pairfect Hielan thairst,
Till he stole awa' the aipples frae Glenwhorple.

3. When the waters o'the deluge drookit a' the whole world o'er.
The Colonel o' the Regiment his name was Shaun McNoah,
Sae a muckle boat he biggit an' he sneckit up the door,
An' he sailed awa' from drooned Glenwhorple.

4. Then syne he sent a corporal, and gert him find the land
He returned wi' an empty whusky bottle in his hand,
Sae they kent the flood was dryin'; he was fu', ye understand,
For he'd foond a public hoose abune the water.

5. When good King Solomon was ruler o' the Glen,
He had a hundred pipers and a thoosan' fechtin' men,
An' a mighty fine establishment I hae no doot ye ken,
For he kept a sicht o' wives in auld Glenwhorple.

6. Then there came a birkie bangster, who was chieftain o'the Clan,
His name it was t'Wallace, an' he was a fechtin' mon,
For he harried a' the border and awa' the Southron ran,
Frae the dingin' o' the claymores o' Glenwhorple.

7. When the bonnie pipes are skirlin', an' the lads are on parade
I' the braw Glenwhorple tartan, wi' the claymore an' the plaid,
When the Sergeant-Major's sober an' the Colonel's no afraid
O' seein' tartan spiders in Glenwhorple!

8. Eh, a bonnie sicht they mak', when the canteen they gang ben
When the morn's parade is o'er, she'll be fu' a' drunken' men,
An' a thoosan' canty kilties will be stottin' doon the Glen
For they drink a power o' whusky in Glenwhorple.

Out of Songs from the Front and Rear. A great favorite among Scottish regiments in World War II.