Jenny Lass

Melody -

I bought a wife in Edinburgh
For a bawbee
And then I got a farthing back
To buy tobacco wi'!
And wi' you, and wi' you,
And wi' you my Jenny lass
I'll dance the buckles off my shoes
Wi' you my Jenny lass!

2. Samson was a mighty man,
And he fought wi' a cuddie's jaw
He fought a million battles
Wearin' crimson flannel drawers!

3. There was a man in Nineveh,
And he was wondrous wise
He jumped into a hawthorn bush
And scratched out both his eyes!
And when he saw his eyes were out,
With all his might and main,
He jumped into the hawthorn bush,
And scratched them in again!

4. Napoleon was an emperor,
He ruled o'er land and sea,
He ruled o'er France and Germany,
But he never ruled over me!

5. One Sunday I went walkin'
And there I saw the Queen
Playin' at the football wi'
The lads on Glascow Green!
The captain of the other side
Was scorin' in great style
The Queen she called a policeman,
And had him thrown in jail!

6. Jenny is a bonny lass,
She is a lass of mine
And I've never had a better lass,
And I've had fifty-nine!


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