The Highlander's Invitation

Melody -

Robert Tannahill, A Parody on Thomas Moore's song of "Will you come to the bow'r."

Will you come to the board I've prepared for you?
Your drink shall be good, of the true Highland blue,
Will you, Donald, will you, Callum, come to the board?
There each shall be great as her own native lord.

2. There'll be plenty of pipe, and a glorious supply
Of good sneesh-te-bacht, and the fine cut-an-dry,
Will you, Donald, will you, Callum, come then at e'en?
There be some for the stranger, but more for the frien'.

3. There we'll drink foggy Care to his gloomy abodes,
And we'll smoke till we sit in the clouds like the gods;
Will you, Donald, will you, Callum, wont you do so?
'Tis the way that our forefathers did lang ago.

4. And we'll drink to the Cameron, we'll drink to Lochiel,
And, for Charlie, we'll drink all the French to the de'il.
Will you, Donald, will you, Callum, drink there until
There be heads lie like peats if hersel' had her will!

5. There be groats on the land, there be fish in the sea,
And there's fouth in the coggie for friendship and me;
Come then, Donald, come then, Callum, come then to-night,
Sure the Highlander be first in the fuddle and the fight.


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