The Generous Lassie

Melody -

Ballad #92

Ye Gales that gently wave the Sea, & please the jolly Boatman,
Bear me from hence, Or bring to me, My brave my bonny Scotman;
In holy Bands, we joyn'd our Hands, Yet may not this discover,
While Parents rate, A large state, Before a faithful Lover.

2. But I wou'd chuse in Highland Glens, To herd the Kid and Goatman;
E'er I cou'd for such little Ends, Refuse my bonny Scotman;
Wae worth y Man, who first began, The base ungenrous Fashion;
From greedey Views Loves Art to use, Whilst Strangers to its Passions.

3. From foreigen Fields my lovely Youth,
Hast to thy longing Lassie;
Who pants to kiss thy balmy Mouth,
And in her Bosom press.

This sketched drawing has a woman sitting beside a column with a large fluted pot. There are two other women sitting on a shore looking at a man drawing water from a well with a boat in the water in front of them with what appears to be a boy inside. The backgound is water with ships sailing, mountains and cloudy skies. On shore there are two goats, one resting and one grazing. This drawing has the same coloring. Contact Norm Johnston if you have any further information on this ballad.