Clancy Lowered The Boom

Melody - Seq. by Patrick Jolly

Now Clancy was a peaceful man
If you know what I mean,
The cops picked up the pieces
After Clancy left the scene,
He never looked for trouble
That's a fact you can assume,
But never-the-less when trouble would press.
Clancy lowered the boom!
Oh, that Clancy, Oh that Clancy
Whenever they got his Irish up,
Clancy lowered the boom!
2. O'Leary was a fighting man,
They all knew he was tough,
He strutted 'round the neighborhood,
A-shootin' off his guff,
He picked a fight with Clancy,
Then and there he sealed his doom,
Before you could shout "O'Leary, look out!"
Clancy lowered the boom!

3. O'Hollihan delivered ice
To Misses Clancy's flat,
He'd always linger for a while,
To talk of this and that,
One day he kissed her,
Just as Clancy walked into the room,
Before you could say the time of day,
Clancy lowered the boom!


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