The Orange Lily O!

Melody - Seq. by D. Lyszyk

And did you go to see the show,
Each rose and pink a dilly, O!
To feast your eyes, and view the prize,
Won by the Orange Lily, O!
Heigh ho, the Lily, O!
The royal,loyal Lily,O
Beneath the sky, what flower can vie.
With Erin's Orange Lily, O!

2. The Viceroy there, so debonair,
Just like a daffadilly, O!
With Lady Clarke, Blithe as a lark,
Approached the Orange Lily, O!

3. Sir Charley too, looked, very blue,
While laughed Horse Master Billy, O!
To think his ex- a flower should vex
And that an Orange Lilly, O

4. A fairer flower, throughout the bower
He sought, but willy nilly, O!
With moistened eyes, he gave the prize
To Erin's Orange Lily, O!

5. The lowland field may roses yield,
Gay heaths the Highland hilly, O!
But high or low, no flower can show,
Like Erin's Orange Lily, O!

6. Let dandies fine in Bond Street shine,
Gay nymphs in Picadilly, O!
But fine or gay must yield the day
To Erin's Orange Lily, O!

7. The elated muse, to hear the news,
Jumped like a Connaught filly, O!
As gossip fame did loud proclaim
The triumph of the Lily,O!

8. Then come brave boys, and share her joys,
And toast the health of Willy, O!
Who bravely won, on Boyne's red shore,
The Royal Orange Lily, O!

The origins and meaning of this famous song are somewhat obscure. It could be a satire on the Emblems Act, which prohibited the wearing of something as simple as a flower.

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