A-Beggin' I Will Go
The Jovial Beggar

Melody -

Traditional, attr. to Richard Brome

Of all the trades in England
The beggin' is the best
For when a beggar's tired,
He can sit him down and rest.
And a-beggin' I will go-o-o
And a-beggin' I will go.

2. I've a poke for me ma'le
And another for me rye
I've a bottle by me side,
To drink when I am dry.

3. I've a poke for me salt
An' another for me malt
I've a pair of little crutches,
You should see how I can halt.

4. I've been abeggin' seven years
With me ol' wooden leg
For lame I've been, since I was born,
And so I'm forced to beg .

5. In a hollow tree I pass the night,
And there I pay no rent
Providence provides for me,
And I am well content.

There was a jovial beggar,
He had a wooden leg,
Lame from his cradle,
And forced for to beg.
And a begging we will go,
We'll go, we'll go;
And a begging we will go!

2. A bag for his oatmeal,
Another for his salt;
And a pair of crutches,
To show that he can halt.

3. A bag for his wheat,
Another for his rye;
A little bottle by his side,
To drink when he's a-dry.

4. Seven years I begged
For my old Master Wild,
He taught me to beg
When I was but a child.

5. I begged for my master,
And got him store of pelf;
But now, Jove be praised!
I'm begging for myself.

6. In a hollow tree
I live, and pay no rent;
Providence provides for me,
And I am well content.

7. Of all the occupations,
A beggar's life's the best;
For whene'er he's weary,
He'll lay him down and rest.

8. I fear no plots against me,
I live in open cell;
Then who would be a king
When beggars live so well?


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