All Ye That Fear God's Holy Name

Melody - "Park Street", Frederick Marc Antoine Venua, c. 1810

The Psalter, 1912

All ye that fear God's holy Name,
His glory tell, His praise proclaim;
Ye children of His chosen race,
|: Stand ye in awe before His face. :|

2. The suffering one He has not spurned
Who unto Him for succor turned;
From him He has not hid His face
|: But answered his request in grace. :|

3. O Lord, Thy goodness makes me raise
Amid Thy people songs of praise;
Before all them that fear Thee, now
|: I worship Thee and pay my vow. :|

4. For all the meek Thou wilt provide,
They shall be fed and satisfied;
All they that seek the Lord shall live
|: And never ending praises give. :|


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