Ancient of Days, Who Sittest, Throned in Glory

Melody -

William C. Doane, 1886

Ancient of Days, who sittest, throned in glory;
To thee all knees are bent, all voices pray;
Thy love has blessed the wide world's wondrous story,
With light and life since Eden's dawning day.

2. O Holy Father, who hast led thy children
In all the ages, with the Fire and Cloud,
Through seas dry-shod, through weary wastes bewildering,
To thee, in reverent love, our hearts are bowed.

3. O Holy Jesus, Prince of Peace and Saviour,
To thee we owe the peace that still prevails,
Stilling the rude wills of men's wild behaviour,
And calming passion's fierce and stormy gales.

4. O Holy Ghost, the Lord and the Life-giver,
Thine is the quickening power that gives increase.
From thee have flowed, as from a pleasant river
Our plenty, wealth, prosperity, and peace.

5. O Triune God, with heart and voice adoring,
Praise we the goodness that doth crown our days
Pray we that thou wilt hear us, still imploring
Thy love and favour, kept to us always.