Shepherd Of The Downs

Melody -

A shepherd of the downs being weary of his port
Retired to the hills where he used to resort
In want of refreshment he laid himself down
|: He wanted no riches, nor wealth from the crown. :|

2. He drank of the cold brook he ate of the tree
Himself he did enjoy from all sorrow was free
He valued no girl be she ever so free
|: No pride nor ambition he valued no care. :|

3. As he was a-walking one evening so clear
A heavenly voice sounded sweet in his ear
He stood like a post not one step could he move
|: He knew not what ailed him but thought it was love. :|

4. He beheld a young damsel a fair modest bride
She had something amiss and disguised in her face
Disguised in her face she unto him did say
|: How now, master shepherd, how came you this way? :|

5. The shepherd he replied and modestly said
I was never was surprise-ed before at a maid
When first you beheld me from sorrow I was free
|: But now you have stolen my poor heart from me. :|

6. He took her by the hand and this he did say
We will get married pretty Betsy today.
So to church they did go and were married we hear
|: And now he'll enjoy pretty Betsy his dear. :|