As Tom Was A-Walking

Melody -

Ancient Cornish Ballad

As Tom was a-walking one fine summer's morn,
When the dazies and goldcups the fields did adorn;
He met Cozen Mal, with a tub on her head,
Says Tom, Cozen Mal, you might speak if you we'd.

2. But Mal stamped along, and appeared to be shy,
And Tom singed out, Zounds! I'll knaw of thee why?
So back he tore a'ter, in a terrible fuss,
And axed cozen Mal, What's the reason of thus?

3. Tom Treloar, cried out Mal, I'll nothing do wi' 'ee,
Go to Fanny Trembaa, she do knaw how I'm shy;
Tom, this here t'other daa, down the hill thee didst stap,
And dab'd a great doat fig in Fan Trembaa's lap.

4. As for Fanny Trembaa, I ne'er taalked wi' her twice,
And gived her a doat fig, they are so very nice;
So I'll tell thee, I went to the fear t'other day,
And the doat figs I boft, why I saved them away.

5. Says Mal, Tom Treloar, ef that be the caase,
May the Lord bless for ever that sweet pretty faace;
Ef thee'st give me thy doat figs thee'st boft in the fear,
I'll swear to thee now, thee shu'st marry me here.


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