A Third Touch of the Times

Melody - "Charon make haste"

Printed in the Year, 1688

Brave English Boys now rejoyce and be merry,
Which Loves your Country, Religion, and Laws,
Let not your blood-sucking Enemies fear ye,
Since that brave Orange defends our Cause;
He is come over and will protect us,
Tho' he be Curst by Devil and Pope;
Then you damn'd Papists forbear to vex us,
If that you do, you shall dye in a Rope.

2. For now you Villains you're even Confounded,
Tho' you design'd for to cut our Throats,
Now by the Seas you are quite surrounded,
Whilst the stout Hollanders stops your Boats;
O you will sadly now be banged,
For the base mischiefs done by you,
And at the last you shall all be hanged,
So we'll be rid of a Cursed Crew.

3. When you were well you could not be contented,
But you must down with our Antient Laws;
Yet I believe hyou will shortly repent it,
That you did ever engage in that Cause:
Jefferys and Peters, Walker and Chester,
Pulton, and other Rascals too;
Also the base Temporizing Addressor,
Penal Laws will now meet with you.

4. Nothing wou'd serve you but Protestants ruin,
Rackings, and Gallows, and Knives and Fire,
You had provided, but 'twas hyour undoing,
Now you shall have them your selves for hire:
Yea, so unbridled was your Power,
(Tho' they no evil had deserv'd)
You must go send the Bishops to Tower,
But now your Rogueships shall worse be serv'd.

5. Closely we'll hunt you throughout all the Nations,
Into the dens, and the Caves of the Earth;
Nor will we matter the Popes Execrations,
But we will put a full stop to your Mirth:
For the brave Orange, to your Confusion,
Will our just Laws restore again:
Which we will soon put in Execution,
Paying the Papists in their own Coyn.

6. Orange's Stomach you see will not bear it,
That our Rights and his shall be lost;
But like a generous Noble spirit,
Comes to defend us, tho' much to his Cost:
Then let good Protestants all endeavour,
For to assist his Highness still,
Praying that Heaen would him deliver,
From all the Rascals that wish him ill.

7. Come drink a Health then to bonny Will. Harry,
Englands Defender at times of need;
And to his Excellent Princess Mary,
With all the rest of the Protestant breed:
Long may they Live, by Heaven befriended;
But whosoever is their foe:
May at the Gallows his Life be ended,
And ev'ry other that would not so.

From The Peyps Ballads, Harvard, 1930, Vol.III