The Royalist's Resolve

Melody -

Cavalier Ballad; From the Loyal Garland, 1686

Come, drawer, some wine,
Or we'll pull down the sign,
For we are all jovial compounders;
We'll make the house ring
With healths to our King,
And confusion light on his confounders.

2. Since former committee
Afforded no pity,
Our sorrows in wine we will steep 'um;
They force us to take
Two oaths, but we'll make
A third, that we ne'er mean to keep 'um.

3. And next, whoe'er sees,
We'll drink on our knees
To the King; may he thirst that repines:
A fig for those traytors
That look to our waters,
They have nothing to do with our wines.

4. And next here's three bowls
To all gallant souls
That for the King did and will venture;
May they flourish when those
That are his and our foes
Are hang'd, and ram'd down to the center.

5. And may they be found
In all to abound,
Both with Heaven and the country's anger;
May they never want fractions,
Doubts, fears, and distractions,
Till the gallows-tree frees them from danger.


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